It’s our goal to make this an easy trip for you. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

What to wear, transportation, COVID-19 policy and more.

See the schedule page to learn more about the day of schedule.

We’ve gotten quite a few questions already, so here are the answers! Reach out if you have any more.

Check out the amazing sights, music and cuisine. Here are some of our favorite spots and recommendations.


What to Wear

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to dress up? That’s why we’re doing black tie attire.

Dos: We love warm and dark fall colors [green, red, purple, orange, brown & black] and classic black, navy & brown suits.

Don’ts: Please DON’T wear white, nude, blush or champagne. Avoid t-shirts, flip flops and shorts.


We’re providing passed appetizers, oysters and set-menu dinner stations. The menu is contemporary southern cuisine. We can’t promise to accommodate all food preferences, but we will definitely have meatless and pescatarian options. As Nola tradition dictates, dinner will not be a formal sit down.

Parking and Transportation

The venue is about a 10 minute drive from the hotels, and unfortunately, you cannot walk to and from. There is limited parked in the neighborhood around the venue. We recommend you prepare to pair up with others and ride share (Uber or Lyft) to the venue. We are providing transportation back to the hotel and after party at Erin Rose after the wedding, starting around 9 PM.

COVID-19 Safety Policy

We are requiring all guests to be fully vaccinated, not only to protect yourself, but our friends and family. If you are not feeling well, please take a test before attending. The venue is majority outdoor and will have enough room for social distancing. We are not requiring masks at the wedding, but please do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Many New Orleans bars and restaurants requires proof of vaccination for entry. Be sure to either have your vaccine card or photos of it to enjoy the city to the fullest!



We are expecting the weather to be mild and warm in November—think early fall in Ohio and New England. We recommend you bring a cardigan or light coat with you just in case the evenings cool down.

We are holding our wedding, rain or shine! That being said, we would prefer a sunny day, so be sure to do a weather dance for us. Hurricanes are unlikely with the date we’ve chosen, except at Pat O’Brien’s.


While we love your little ones, our wedding is going to be an adults-only [21+] event so that everyone can relax and enjoy the evening. Our venue also has age restrictions, so unfortunately it’s not something we can accommodate. We really appreciate you making arrangements ahead of time and leaving the kids at home so you can celebrate with us.

Social Media Guidelines

You are encouraged to share photos and videos of our wedding on social media!

Use the hashtag: #micandmae

On Instagram tag: @micandmae, @micwesson, @meganrcoddington

On Facebook tag: Megan Coddington, Mic Wesson.

If You Can’t Make It

You will be missed! If you can’t make it to the wedding, please let us know as soon as possible (by April 1, 2022 latest) and RSVP “NO,” so we can plan accordingly. If you use the same link from the text message invitation you received, you can select your RSVP there once you open your invitation.


Cuisine & Cocktails

  • Mic’s favorite dive bar: Erin Rose
  • Mic’s favorite po’ boy: Verde Marte
  • Megan’s favorite lunch: Tableau
  • MOH’s favorite cocktail bar: Bar Tonique
  • Good spot for Oysters: Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar
  • Megan’s favorite dessert: Pralines

  • Cafe Beignet
  • Carousel Bar
  • Beachbum Barry’s Latitude 29
  • Brennan’s
  • Boucherie


  • Music can be found everywhere in New Orleans, walk around the French Quarter and follow the music!
  • Spotted Cat
  • DBA
  • Royal Frenchmen Hotel


  • Jackson Square
  • Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo
  • City Trolley Rides
  • Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

see you november third.